Why Choose Center for Healthy Weight?

If you are looking for a weight loss program in Friendswood, Texas that is verified, sustainable, and healthy, Center for Healthy Weight is the only choice. Many companies or programs claim to provide medical supervision for patients throughout their treatment, but their staff doesn’t have the education, credentials, or skills to do it legitimately. Physician supervision is necessary to detect and treat weight-related medical conditions.

At Center for Healthy Weight, our weight loss team is composed of medical doctors only, meaning we can call ourselves a physician-directed weight loss program and mean it. Our physicians’ medical experience gives them the educational foundation and tools to create and carry through a customized weight loss plan that works for you!

In addition, Dr. Ana Morales and Dr. Jan Knight Bateman are both active members of the Obesity Medicine Association and follow the guidelines of this organization. As members, they have completed specialized training in obesity medicine, offering a comprehensive and effective approach to maximizing overall health and reversing ongoing medical conditions related to obesity.

Our Approach

Our three-phase approach, which includes an active, transition, and maintenance phase, provides the foundation for your plan, which we then cater to your individual needs and goals. Once you are in the maintenance phase, we remain dedicated to you with extensive follow-ups, ongoing communication, and education that ensures you stay on track and maintain your goal…without ever going back!

Lose weight the safe and healthy way with Center for Healthy Weight. For your personalized weight loss consultation, call us in Friendswood, Texas, today at (832) 619-1373 or use our online appointment request form.

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