What to Expect

Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation at Center for Healthy Weight in Friendswood, Texas, you will meet with one of our weight loss doctors, Dr. Ana Morales or Dr. Jan Knight Bateman . She will take a medical history; perform a physical including lab work, an EKG, and a body composition analysis; and measure your Body Mass Index, or BMI. These standard medical protocols will provide a comprehensive starting point for your doctor to begin detailing your plan.

After the initial consultation, your weight loss doctor will spend an additional 30 to 40 minutes discussing dietary and behavioral modifications to your current way of living, as well as formulate an individualized treatment plan for successful, sustained weight loss.

Our program includes three main phases:

  1. "Active" weight loss phase with monthly office visits until you reach your weight loss goal
  2. "Transition" or adjusting phase, typically lasting about six months
  3. "Maintenance" phase to ensure long-term success

Ongoing Maintenance

Unlike many weight loss facilities whose focus is on losing weight, ours is on keeping it off. Because our approach to weight loss is so individual and personalized, we can monitor and cater your plan to continue to lose weight, maintain your weight, or meet whatever your goals are at the time. We also incorporate monthly check-ins with our doctors to further motivate patients and provide accountability moving forward.

Request an appointment online or call Center for Healthy Weight in Friendswood, Texas, today at (832) 619-1373 and we'll be happy to schedule your personalized weight loss consultation with one of our doctors.

Office Hours


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