Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy weight loss doesn’t mean simply eating right and exercising to lose weight, but having someone with clinical experience by your side to support and guide you every step of the way. At Center for Healthy Weight in Friendswood, TX, we focus on healthy, physician-directed weight loss for men and women age 16 and older.

When it comes to the war on weight, doctors Ana Morales and Jan Knight Bateman make safety a priority. Our medically-directed plan takes every precaution into consideration and employs the use of standard medical protocols to ensure you’re in the best health while becoming your personal best. Our weight loss doctors take your safety a step further by adhering to guidelines of the Obesity Medicine Association throughout your treatment. And when you’ve achieved your goal, we'll help you maintain your weight in a healthy and effective way.

For a personalized weight loss consultation, request an appointment online or call the Center for Healthy Weight in Friendswood, Texas, today at (832) 619-1373.